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How to conduct a (free) patent search

Innovators and solopreneurs who are looking to cut costs often want to do their own patent search, and that's completely understandable! But, inventors need to be careful.  It’s quite common for inventors to conduct a patent search or a patent pending search and find nothing, even when there is, in fact, prior art that

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I have a business idea, now what?

The amazing thing about brilliant ideas is that they can come to us at the most unexpected moments. You might have it waking up, taking a shower, having a boring conversation — and there it suddenly is. A solution you’ve never seen before. You start daydreaming. What if you could turn this idea into

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How to know if your idea is patentable

If you’re working on a new idea or project, you need to know that you’re investing your time and resources wisely.  When building their own businesses, a lot of innovators focus on developing their ideas as fast as they can so they can launch, they focus on hiring the right people, on launching the

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