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TTO Process Better

How to overcome the challenges you face as a TTO as you work to build commercial success

TTOs Are Falling Behind and Ideas Are Getting Lost in the Noise

Tech transfer is needed now more than ever, but the process has been disrupted:

Modern tech transfer organizations urgently need a streamlined way to quickly identify potential partners and research roadblocks, combine competitive and business intelligence in a single pass, manage their own process seamlessly, and validate innovations to prioritize the strongest opportunities.

Rapid Research Intelligence for Tech Transfer Offices

KISSPlatform unlocks competitive and patent intelligence that has always been locked away in emails and scattered databases.

With KISSPlatform you can:

  • Integrate all your data sources together
  • Gather data analytics and actionable intelligence.
  • Prioritize inventions with a critical action pipeline
  • Collect all the critical insights in one place, including Competitive Intelligence, Patent Intelligence, and partnership opportunities.
It’s the empowered TTOs that are changing the world.

About Us

Dr. D’vorah Graeser

Founder and CEO

About Us

Behind KISSPlatform is a team of experts in innovation, tech transfer, and intellectual property. Our CEO and founder, Dr. D’vorah Graeser, started helping innovators back at the start of the Human Genome Project. She has more than 25 years of experience supporting innovators and helping them successfully protect their ideas.

Filing patents helps commercialization of cutting edge ideas, but they are only one aspect of the complex process of tech transfer. We have one focus: helping universities and research organizations make the world a better place by transferring their technology to companies that could make new and exciting products.

Dr. D’vorah Graeser

Founder and CEO

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The Tool for World-Changing Commercialization

Get the objective, rapid data you need to act with confidence with KISSPlatform.

No more mountains of missed opportunities and competing priorities with spreadsheets and DIY systems. No more over-priced and slow patent attorneys and agencies that demoralize everyone. No more data overload and partial analysis with expensive and complex software that just leads to a patent fog and a lack of momentum.

The complexity of commercialization should not imprison world changing ideas.

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You can now

Discover viable partnership prospects

Get the data to deliver the right idea to the right partner more quickly

Track insights and timely analysis you can act upon

An easy to use tool with clear insights that fuel your agile process

Enjoy agile and objective commercial validation

Commercialization intel you can count on and data that will keep up with your opportunities

Add powerful AI to a seamless process management

The only place to rapidly access patent, business, and partner intel

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