About KISSPlatform

About KISSPlatform

About KISSPlatform

We love innovation – and innovators! Our founder, Dr. D’vorah Graeser, started helping innovators back at the start of the Human Genome Project. She realized that filing patents could help researchers protect their ideas and commercialize them, benefiting everyone. But patents of course are only one aspect of the complex process of tech transfer.

We have one focus – helping universities and research organizations make the world a better place, by transferring their technology to companies that could make new and exciting products.

Like everyone else, we thought we understood the problems that needed to be solved — until the pandemic hit.

We’ve now realized that the pace of technological change has both accelerated and become more complex. Companies need new technologies, but which technologies, and how they want to receive them, have changed. Tech transfer is needed more than ever, but the process has been disrupted. It isn’t a simple matter of throwing more resources at the problem — universities need to change their way of working with companies. 

But universities and research organizations are suffering from decreased resources.

The pandemic has put everything in short supply, a situation that looks like it will continue for many years. Universities are suffering from a shortage of money, time, and the ability to meet in person. So many conferences are now virtual.

Tech transfer was already difficult before the pandemic — how could it be done now?

We spent a great deal of time speaking with tech transfer associates, universities, research organizations, professors, post-docs, graduate students, and more.

And then we racked our brains, looking for a solution.

We realized that tech transfer associates needed a way to simplify and accelerate their own activities. In other words, tech transfer organizations had to become the bionic TTO — faster, better, stronger, and more efficient.

The only way to do that is through a solution that anticipates the needs of tech transfer organizations, with a mixture of software and super fast services. No longer should anyone have to wait for answers — on patentability, patent filings, industry trends, or the best corporate partner for each idea.

The world of innovation is accelerating and TTOs deserve the best tools to help make new products a reality.

So we created KISSPlatform – an all-in-one tech transfer solution, combining a dashboard view of all ideas and deadlines, and the ability to order any services needed for faster, smoother, more efficient tech transfer.

With KISSPlatform, you get a complete view of the status of all of your ideas, plus specialized knowledge about industry trends, company activities, and more. Plus you can order services at the press of a button — patentability searches, patents, corporate intelligence analysis, industry trends reports, and more. Some are available instantaneously through our world-beating AI platform, while others can be obtained in under 24 hours. All at an affordable price.

KISSPlatform – because the future belongs to the innovators.