About KISSPlatform

About KISSPlatform

About KISSPlatform

KISSPlatform is a sister company of KISSPatent, which has been supporting innovators for 24+ years. During these years we’ve learned a lot about our clients’ needs.  We’ve crafted our entire company to make our service as supportive as possible.

We built KISSPlatform so you can explore new ideas, experiment, secure intellectual property, and work with external partners. KISSPlatform opens the door of innovation for you!

We have the experience to make innovation accessible to any kind of business in any kind of industry. We know innovation and we’re here to help!

Our founder

Dr. D’vorah Graeser has supported 1000+ patent applications in 15+ industries over the course of her career.

With a roster of clients ranging from first-time solopreneurs to large corporations with robust IP portfolios, D’vorah has become a sought-after expert in emerging tech Intellectual Property strategy.

Why We’re Different

Protecting ideas is a strategic business decision for any startup, it goes beyond patents. We have the knowledge and industry know-how to support growing businesses from discussing their business model, strategy, market, and idea protection.

Having worked with startups for so long, we’ve realized they need more tools to move forward with their ideas and stay ahead of the curve.

KISSPlatform is our answer to this problem — a platform where startups can compare their ideas to develop them faster, easier, and more efficiently.

Our Team

Sharing Dr. Graeser’s vision is our team of seasoned startup professionals. We work remotely from most time zones to support innovators from around the globe.

Tech Team




AI Engineer


Data Scientist


Data Scientist


Head of Operations

Peter is responsible for KISSPlatform’s operations and overall strategies. He has a background in digital marketing and advertising. He loves to travel, and his passion is advocating remote work for everyone.


Attorney – Head of Patents and Trademarks

Xavier is the principal attorney of Hailey Law PLLC, which helps business owners and entrepreneurs protect their intellectual property rights. He helps our sister company, KISSPatent, file better patents and trademarks for clients. He enjoys learning about new technologies.


Head of Sales

Christian is responsible for KISSPlatform’s sales and sales operations. With an additional background in entrepreneurship and law, he is an always-enthusiastic advocate for our clients. Christian came to KISSPlatform from one of the fastest growing tech unicorns in the world. He has deep interests in emerging tech and purpose driven careers.


Chief Marketing Officer

Carlos runs our Marketing Department, content production, and also spearheads our media relationships. He has a deep background in digital marketing and copywriting. When he’s not working he loves to spend time with his family and enter crazy long trail running races.


Marketing Manager

Justine is a content creator and doer. Her favorite part about creating content is inspiring people, making them learn, and especially, making them laugh if possible (and acceptable). Although she studied Communication Sciences, she has always worked in Marketing. She believes in the power of kind words and esquites.



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